What are Storage Services?

Basically there are two types of businesses. You can either be a seller of a certain product, or various products, or you could be a service provider. Service providers don’t exactly require physical space since they aren’t dealing with any ‘products’, as such. They may however require an office, or even space on the web to run their website, etc. On the contrary, a business dealing with ‘products’ will not just need space for manufacturing the product, but also for storing it. This is where self storage facilities in Dubai come in handy.

A storage service provides a business, as the name suggests, provides space to businesses dealing with either services or goods. They could provide you with space on the web, or ‘storage space’, or they could provide you with physical space such as a warehouse where you can store your products after they’re ready, before shipping.

What do Storage Space Providers do?

Personal storage Dubai services provide you with a building where you can store your products. On arrival of your product in this building, a physical count of your stock is performed. Once this is done, your SKUs are added into the warehouse providers’ inventory system. These warehousing facilities grant you immediate access to their inventory system, whenever you ask for it. Hence, you can check how much stock you have at any time. This means warehouse services don’t just give you ‘space’ for storage of your product. They also help you keep track of how much stock is left behind.

Primarily however, there main function is to provide you a clean and secure space to store your products. In addition to giving you storage, these services might also offer a service of product fulfilment. However, this is only if you select a 3PL storage and warehouse service provider.

It can be concluded that storage space providers don’t just provide you with a place where you can store your products, but they also offer other services which enable you to keep count of how much of your product is in stock, how much has been sold, etc. Consequently, you can decide whether you need to produce more immediately, or the production can wait.