Clever hacks for painting

Painting is a great therapy but you cannot just start painting without any preparation because there are a lot of things which you have to take care before you start doing anything ion your canvas and if you do not take care about them then you will not be able to paint a good a piece of art in that. You have to start with beginner painting ideas and then slowly move to the expert one when you get a lot of experience in that and it will take some time and you should not be hurry to achieve the level of perfection. When you are in a hurry to go to the expert level then you will not learn the right things and it will not of any use to you so you have to be careful while the learning phase. You can attend a few seminars on art in Dubai to know about new ideas and tricks, also you can read this to get to know some clever hacks:

Prepare your canvas:

You have to first prepare your canvas with some primer. Most of the times when you buy a canvas then it will come with primer on that but if you use that again then it will give you smoother surface to work on. If you are a complete beginner then you have to know that primer is used to smoothen out the surface of the canvas and all the pores will be filled so that when you paint on that canvas then it will soak lesser paint and you will get exact color which you wish to have on that.

Prepare yourself:

With preparation of a lot of other things like paint brushes, surface area and canvas, you also need to prepare yourself for painting because you will never learn any new thing unless your brain is prepared to learn about it. There should be no emotional or mental burden on you to learn this art because when you learn in burden then you will not go deep in that with all of your heart because you feel it like some enforced thing and it will restrict you from learning new things. You need to prepare physically too like you have to be active and there should be body aches otherwise you will get tired soon.