Global Laws for Vaping

There are several laws that apply to the sale and transportation of e-liquids. While there are no federal laws regarding personal use, there are several states that prohibit public employees from knowingly smoking in a place of business.

  • Several states also have laws for the regulation of wholesale liquid nicotine products. Apart from the state-level legislation, the federal government does not have any laws that directly concern e-liquids. However, the Food and Drug Administration does ban the importation of certain tobacco products, including certain flavored cigars and smokeless tobacco.
  • Smoking bans are prevalent in many countries. Among the most notable is the ban in some countries that prohibits cigarette smoking in public places, like restaurants and bars. While the smoker’s rights lobby has fought vigorously against this law, it is now enforced.
  • Some countries that have been successful in passing laws banning smoking in public places. Some countries have gone as far as to ban smoking on vehicles, except for motor vehicles used for transporting people (which are technically already banned anyway).
  • There are also laws against outright tobacco advertising, but most forms of advertising are still allowed in some countries. The taxation on cigarettes is one reason why there isn’t much of a push to ban cigarette smoking in public places, but some claim that the high prices of cigarettes force many smokers to resort to “vaping”, which is perfectly legal. Additionally, laws for selling vaporizers are often compared to those for cigarettes because both are forms of nicotine delivery systems. It’s complicated!
  • Although some governments have taken a few legal actions against businesses selling cigarettes and Myle Pods, they have not attempted to actively prevent people from smoking or Vaporizing indoors.
  • As a result, these governments do not strictly regulate the sale and distribution of vaporizers. On the surface, this seems like a good thing, since the laws for selling chocolates seem to be more on the harmful side. Nevertheless, smoking in public seems to be against the law, whether it is indoor or outdoor smoking.

There are no laws for selling Vape in Abu Dhabi and around the world, nor for consumption. You can still get penalized for smoking in public, though, so it is important that you understand your local laws before mixing nicotine and e juice. Make sure to always use precaution when mixing anything new, especially liquids with strong flavors.