How to use hand sanitizers

Following are some do’s and don’ts of a sanitizer.

Do’s of a sanitizer

  1. Choose a sanitizer that contains at least sixty percent alcohol.
  2. When you apply sanitizer on your hands, rub it on your hands for at least fifteen to twenty seconds.
  3. Keep your sanitizer in a place that is cool.
  4. Don’t give sanitizer to children.
  5. To use a hand sanitizer, see the instructions.

Don’ts of a sanitizer

  1. Never ingest a sanitizer. It is not safe for health.
  2. Don’t wash out the sanitizer
  3. When you have applied sanitizer on your hand, don’t put your hands in your eyes or mouth.
  4. Don’t keep a sanitizer in your car
  5. Don’t buy a hand sanitizer that is free from alcohol

Buying hand sanitizers

There are some things to look for when buying hand sanitizers in Dubai and those things are as follows.

Percentage of alcohol

The quantity of alcohol plays a very important role in the hand sanitizer. The most ideal hand sanitizer is the one that has around sixty percent of alcohol in it. Whenever you buy a hand sanitizer, check the percentage of alcohol.

Kind of alcohol

Alcohol comes in many types. Buy a hand sanitizer that has ethanol as alcohol type as it is effective.


You can buy a hand sanitizer that has ingredients such as aloe. This will make the skin smooth and will lower dryness.

Application method

The application method of hand sanitizer is important. Put a little quantity of hand sanitizer on your palm and massage your hands with each other. Dry your hands and then rub your hands.


There must be many companies making hand sanitizers. Buy hand sanitizer from a brand that has a good reputation so you know that you are getting good quality of sanitizer.

Disadvantages of hand sanitizers

  1. Hand sanitizers make the skin damage. It has alcohol in it and the skin could get damaged because of this.
  2. Alcohol is of many types. Some alcohols can make the skin dry.
  3. Using hand sanitizers could cause wrinkles on your skin and you would look aged.
  4. There are some chemicals in hand sanitizers that could be bad for your skin.

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