Types of Biodegradable Packaging

People, researchers, scientists, voluntary groups and so many individuals are working around the clock and coming up with ideas on how to save the planet and how to reduce the consumption of plastic and how to advance biodegradable packaging.

Plastic waste has become the world’s biggest issue, much of our aquatic system is affected because people and even huge companies throw plastic waste in the waters like lakes, ponds, rivers and even ocean. It is shockingly to know that even in the 21st century, people and even mega industries do such an awful thing knowing that their generations will be suffering for good.

The best part is that now slowly, many new companies are now using alternative ways of reducing plastic. Like if someone wants a shopping bag, they will have to pay for that. People instead carry all the stuff to their vehicles to save some cents. And this initiate was taken by eateries; they started sending food parcels of home delivery in compostable food containers. And if you want to contribute in saving the world then keep reading to know about different types of packaging.

Organic Fabrics: in the old days, there were bags that were made up of straws and different kind of natural fabrics. This trend has started again and organic fabric packaging bag manufacturers use organic fabrics like hemp, palm leaves, tapioca and recycled cotton. These should be made cheap but now a days, such bags can be expensive but they come in all sorts of sizes.

Recycled Plastic and Eco-Friendly Plastic: there is a researcher (female) who has made a plastic that can dissolved in water and that is not harmful to the aquatic system at all. This type of plastic bag has just been discovered and more scientists have put their heads in this product to make it accessible in the market in cheap. And there is recycled plastic as well, recycled plastic can also be used a shopping bags and such plastic takes 100 years to decompose instead of 1000 years.

Recycled Paper and Cardboard: you can see recycled paper when we get takeaway foods like burgers, the paper on them is recycled and you can see recycled cardboards in branded shopping bags. And cardboard is not harmful for our environment at all.